Frequently Asked Questions

What types of items can be put in a trailer? 
Virtually anything can go in a trailer. The following items: Paint, Electronics, Tires, Car Parts, Hazardous Wastes, Herbicides & Pesticides, Propane Tanks, Batteries, Asbestos need to be seperated and dealt with in a different way according to local laws. Please contact us to discuss these items.

How much junk can fit in a single Wee Dump trailer?
Approximately a 1 Bedroom apartment (Bedroom furniture, Living Room, and Kitchen Set). You can fit an average 12 x 12 deck with railings.

What happens if a worker gets hurt while working at my home or business?
Wee Dump has full liability insurance and WCB coverage and we carry copies right in our trucks for you to view at any time we work at your home or business. This should be a big concern to anyone that hires anyone to work for them in case they get hurt or injured. If any contractor you hire does not have WCB and Liability insurance, YOUR insurance can be forced to pay the contractor you hired...Make sure you only hire FULLY insured contractors and protect yourself.

Does Wee Dump recycle?
Yes we recycle cardboard, wood, plastics, metals and any other product we can. We also try to donate clothing and other re-usables to local charities if they are clean.

What do i do with paint, electronics and tires?
Simply let us know ahead of time and if you are loading the dumpster trailer we will arrange a place in the trailer to put the items so they do not end up in the landfill and are disposed of according to local laws. There is no surcharge for electronics but there is a $5.00/can surcharge for paint and $10.00/ tire. These fees reflect the fee we are charged to dispose of these items. Empty and dry paint cand can just be thrown in the dumpster as debris with the lids off and no surcharge.

What if I only have a few items? Do i need to pay for a full load?
No, not at all...simply call us at 444-7799, let us know what you have and we can give you the best prices in town,

What if i live elsewhere? Can i book your services over the phone?
If you live out of province or out of the country we can help close out the home you are selling or do estate cleanups after a loved one passes away. We will take a look at the premisis and give you a detailed description of the services that will be done and even arrange a cleaning crew and real estate agent if needed. This way one call is all you need to make to help make a difficult time a little easier.