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Are you insured?

WEE DUMP carries full liability insurance and WCB coverage. We carry copies in our trucks for you to view at any time we work at your home or business.

Insurance is critical in case anyone gets hurt or injured. If a contractor you hire does not have WCB and liability insurance, YOUR insurance can be forced to pay the contractor so ensure the business you hire hire is FULLY insured to protect yourself.

What is included in our price?

The price we quote is for the job outlined in the quote. Anything over and above will incur additional charges.

Please note there will be and extra cost for the tipping fee. ???WHAT IS A TIPPING FEE??

The better the items are separated the cheaper the tipping fee.

What size jobs can you handle?

No job has been to large for WEE DUMP but just in case, we will let you know when quoting the job if we cannot handle it.

Do I need to pay for a full load if I only have a few items?

No, not at all. Simply let us know what you have and we can give you the best prices in town.

What type of equipment do you have?

We have a Skid Steer, 3 ton Dump Truck, Tow Truck with Flat Bed, Flat Bed Trailers (6.5' x 15'), Dump Trailers (6' x 10' and 6'x 12'), Wood Chipper and Chain Saws. If we don't have the equipment we will rent it but it may incur additional charges.

How much can fit in a single trailer?

Approximately a 1 Bedroom apartment (Bedroom furniture, Living Room, and Kitchen Set). You can fit an average 12 x 12 deck with railings.

What items do we accept for removal/disposal?

Virtually everything. However, paint, electronics, tires, car parts, hazardous wastes, herbicides & pesticides, propane tanks, batteries and asbestos. These materials need to be separated and dealt with according to local laws.

If you have questions, please contact us to discuss these items.

Does WEE DUMP recycle?

Yes, we recycle cardboard, wood, plastics, metals and any other product we can.

What items are banned from landfills?
What do I do with paint, electronics and tires?

Simply let us know ahead of time and if you are loading the dumpster trailer we will arrange a place in the trailer to put the items so they do not end up in the landfill and are disposed of according to local laws. There is no surcharge for electronics but there is a $5.00/can surcharge for paint and $10.00/tire. These fees reflect the fee we are charged to dispose of these items. Empty and dry paint cans can just be thrown in the dumpster as debris with the lids off and no surcharge.

What forms of payment do you accept

We accept cash, debit, cheques and email transfers.

Cleanup & Junk Removal


WEE DUMP offers yard cleanups, including removal of branches, old dead trees and pretty much any debris on your property.


Whether you live in a house or apartment, or want the shed/garage cleaned out, we can help. We get rid of the junk and garbage that needs to be disposed of.


Are you building or renovating? Are you a contractor looking for someone to clean up the constructions site. Let WEE DUMP collect and dispose of it for you.

Auto Recycling

What is your weight limit?

We can carry any size vehicles up to 3.5 tons (7,700 lbs) on our tow truck.

Are there special considerations or limitations?

Not really. We can take vehicles if they are not running, have flat tires, or are stuck in the woods. However, we need to know the details before arrival so we can bring the proper equipment.

How do you handle vehicle fluids?

Fluids do not need to be removed from vehicles but any leaking fluids are the responsibility of the customer and may require specialized cleanup we do not offer.

Scrap Metal

Are you able to take large and heavy pieces?

Yes. We can cut and haul away any size scrap metal up to 3.5 tons (7,700 lbs) at one time.

What do you NOT take?

We do not take camper trailers unless they are completely stripped of everything except the metal.

Tree Removal/Chipping

How do you charge?

Trees are priced depending on the size and height.

How do you handle larger branches?

Our equipment can chip branches up to 3" round, anything larger needs to be hauled away. We leave the chippings on your property and recommend adding them to your flower beds as mulch.

Can you remove tree stumps?

No. We cut trees down to the ground but do not remove the stumps or roots.


How much can you haul?

We have a dump truck that can hold up to 5 cubic yards, depending on the materials being hauled.

What can you haul?

We can haul soil, rocks or mulch you might need to do a project around you home.

How much is your delivery fee?

Trailer Rentals

How does it work?

We drop off the trailer, you fill it and we haul it away. If you prefer, we can also do the work of filling the trailer at an additional cost.

What sizes do you offer?

We have two trailer sizes. Our 10' trailers hold up to 3 cubic yards and the 12' size holds up to 3.5 cubic yards.

Are there additional charges?

Yes. There is a tipping fee (charge of disposing items) WEE DUMP has to pay so we need to pass it on to you. This fee will depend on how much sorting is required so the more it is separated the better the lower the fee.

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